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Digital files must be in a resolution suitable for enlarged prints.

Many times we receive digital files which cannot be used for enlargement. Please set your digital camera to its highest resolution. As a rule of thumb for best results, each picture you upload should be approximately 1 MB or greater.

If your digital file resolution is 900 dpi but the image size is very small, it is NOT suitable for enlargements. Digital files at 72dpi with a large image size (15 to 30 in) will work okay, but large image size at 150dpi is better. If you scan your prints, please scan at 100% (snapshots are usually 4x6) and 250 dpi.

You may UPLOAD your digital files by clicking on the computers icon below.  You will need to enter the password from your order confirmation email (not your account password).

When naming your files.... Please use your last name plus month/yr etc. so they may easily identified for your calendar. We will make every effort to make the best photo possible, but final result depends on the quality of the file.

Your files MUST be named correctly. Set your file names to this format: lastname_monthyear.... that is smith_cover.jpg; smith_jan08.jpg; smith_feb08.jpg; etc.

Remember the time required to upload files depends on the speed of your internet connection. Please be patient and wait for the upload to finish before shutting down your connection. This method is usually faster and more reliable than emailing your photos. If you have problems using the uploader, please contact us to make other arrangements.

Individual files must not be larger than 4mb to use this upload utility.

Send us your Digital photos.........