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Memory Calendar


Pricing Based on Quantity.

             1 Calendar $30
  2+ Identical Calendars $22 each
10+ Identical Calendars $20 each
20+ Identical Calendars $18 each

35+ Identical Calendars $15 each
50+ Identical Calendars CLICK HERE

For Calendar Layout Instructions click here.
For Instructions on Sending Digital Files click here.

Included on Calendar 

12 Months/One photo per month
under your photos
30 Personal Dates and Events
Clipart on Special Dates
Major US
Cover page photo & personal message More Details
Personal message on back cover
Calendar Size 11 x 17
Our logo appears on the back of every calendar

Absolutely NO Adult Content!
When In Doubt, Leave It Out!

Want Another Original Calendar?  Click Here 

You may select our Standard Full Color Grid & Clipart, our Classic B/W Grid & Clipart, or our B/W Grid with Color Clipart -
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