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Important Information

Order Info & FAQs

How to Order

Ordering is easy and secure. We provide an online store so you may place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will receive confirmation of your order via email. Please print a copy of your online order and include your order number and name with any correspondence related to your order.

Please place your order online even if you are paying by check. We are an internet based company and all our orders must be processed through our online ordering system. The online order alerts us to expect your photos and instructions.

If you cannot place your order online, please call our sales office at 877-748-0645 or
email us and we will enter your order for you. Please be sure to use your name & order number to reference your order for all communications with us. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover, personal checks, and money orders. To pay by credit card you must supply the billing address as on file with your credit card company.

Please do NOT use photo copies or computer prints for your photos, not even those printed on good quality photo paper. We cannot guarantee the quality from copies, laser or inkjet prints. If you can't cut your original to the shape you want on your calendar, call us to discuss how we might be able to help you by cropping or trimming digitally.

Questions Answered

How long will it be until I receive my order?
Delivery is approximately 2 weeks from the date we receive your photos, except during the holiday rush. From Nov 1st through Dec 31st, delivery time may be up to 4-5 weeks. We highly recommend ordering before November 1st to avoid delays. Rush service may be available at additional cost.
Contact us for details.

Can I start my calendar on any month I want?
YES!!  Your calendar may start on any month and run for 12 or more months. This makes your personalized calendar a great gift any time of the year.

Will I receive my photos back safely and in the same condition?
All photos will be returned unharmed with your order. Your photos are valuable and we treat them with care. Be sure to mark the back of each photo with your name and the month you want it to appear.

May I use black and white photos?
Yes. Black and white photos will create a nice nostalgic appearance.

What size photos should I select for my calendars?
Any size photo is acceptable ranging from wallet size to 8x10. Keep in mind that enlarging wallet size photos to fit on a full page will result in grainy photos, so make your selections carefully.

What about professionally copyrighted photos?
If you send a copyrighted photo be sure to have the copyright owner sign a waiver giving us permission to reproduce the photo.

Does it matter if the photo is horizontal or vertical?
Horizontal photos work best when ordering one photo per month. Vertical photos will have more white space on the sides. For best results use two vertical photos on one page. Any size photo will work, up to an 8x10.

What is the paper and print quality of the calendars?

All calendars are professionally printed with a Digital Print Press. The photo side of the 80 pound cover paper has a medium/high gloss finish (makes colors "pop") while the calendar grid side of the paper has a matte finish (allows easier writing). The calendar grid pages of the Tear Off Calendar are 26 pound cover paper to allow easier "tear off."

What type of binding do the calendars have?

All calendars are bound with a quality black spiral binding.

Memory Calendar Instructions

For Memory Calendars, select a single photo or collage file for each month. A collage that you create is treated the same as a single photo for ordering purposes. If you would like more than one photo per month, please order our Photo Gallery Calendar (additional cost).

Horizontal photos work best for the Memory Calendar. Vertical photos will have significant white space on each side of the photo, which can be partially mitigated with the placement of your caption. At your request, we can provide a background color to fill the space.

We can use any size photo up to an 8.5x11. Small wallet size photos may be grainy when enlarged to calendar size. We may crop the digital copy of your photos for a better fit on the calendar....
if you do not want photos cropped, please state so on your order.

If creating your own collage on paper, you must arrange the photos on a sheet of 8.5x11 paper exactly as you want them to appear. Be sure to leave a quarter inch margin on all sides of the paper. Use double-stick (or rolled) tape on the back of your photos to attach them to the page (or other photo safe adhesive). Write the month on the back of each collage page using a light color pen or pencil or attach a post-it-note.
Your collage will appear exactly as you create it!

Often white background paper scans as a light gray color. We try to eliminate the graying but in some cases it is not possible ... especially on oddly shaped photos.
For best results, use a colored background paper. If your photos are not cut into special or odd shapes, the white background is usually not a problem.

If you create your collage pages digitally, please use Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, or other software saved as a .pdf file.

Photo Gallery Calendar Instructions

For Photo Gallery Calendars, you may have up to 2 photos per month or 20 photos per calendar. Because they are easily arranged, we will place 2 vertical photos or 4 horizontal photos on a page without charging a design fee. We will charge a design fee if those parameters or 20 photos per calendar are exceeded. Contact us to make special arrangements.

We cannot arrange your digital collages unless you pay for design service. Design service is $15 per hour...for your reference only, a typical full calendar collage takes approximately 3 hours to create, depending on the complexity and number of pictures.

Personal Events and Captions

Birthdays, Anniversaries and Events MUST be listed in calendar order.

After you have placed an order, please submit your personal events and captions by one of the following methods:

  • Submit special dates/events by using the online Personal Events Form

  • Submit photo captions by using the online Captions Form


    If it is impossible for you to use the online forms to submit your events and captions, please type them into an email and send it to us. If you cannot send your events and captions by computer, please type or hand print them neatly and in correct calendar order and mail your lists to us.

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Digital Files

Digital files must be in a resolution suitable for enlarged prints. Many times we receive digital files which cannot be used for enlargements. Please set your digital camera to its highest resolution. Resolution is a measure of the total number of pixels in the photo. Resolution determines how much a photo can be enlarged for printing.

A 320x240 pixel photo looks the same as a 3 megapixel photo when printed in wallet size. But if you enlarge the photo to 5"x7" the actual pixels are visible on the 320x240 photo, but the 3-megapixel print is still sharp. The higher resolution does create a larger file. JPEG files are smaller files and are usually suitable for calendars. We recommend using TIF or JPEG for calendar prints.

After you place an order, you will automatically be emailed a password to
your photos to our site. Please note the password required for upload is not the same as your account password.

Please create your digital collage pages using Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, or other software saved as a .pdf file.

When naming your files... please use your Lastname Month Yr (example: Smith Jan 08) so we may easily identify your files. We will make every effort to make the best photo possible, but final result depends on the quality of the file.

We may crop your photos (digitally) for a more pleasing fit. If you do not want a photo cropped, please let us know.

Scanned Photos

If you scan your photos for upload, please scan full pages 100% at 300 dpi, scan 4x6 photos 100% at 350 dpi, and wallet size photos 150% at 450 dpi. Be sure to clean the glass on your scanner before scanning the photos. We should be able to get satisfactory enlargements from these scans.

Submitting Photos and Information by Mail

If you are unable to upload your files, you may mail us any color or black and white photo or flat artwork measuring up to 8.5x11 inches. We will scan your processed photos or artwork and return them unharmed with your completed calendars.

Please use a post-it note or label on the back to identify the month you want it to appear on your calendar. Please DO NOT write on the back of your photos will a felt-tip marker! As a precaution you may want add your name to each photo label.

If you are submitting a copyrighted photo, you must include the owner's release giving us permission to reprint the image.

Please note the quality of your photo calendar depends on the quality of the images and photos you provide us. A bright sharp image works best.

Mail your photos, collages, and artwork to:

5412 Williamsburg Blvd

Arlington, VA 22207

Guarantee / Return Policy

At Photo-Calendars.com, we take pride in our attention to detail and customer service. We are committed to creating quality calendars with a personal touch. We guarantee you and your family/friends will love your photo calendars...if you're not satisfied simply return the calendars for a full refund. We'll even pay the shipping!

If we make an error on your order,
please contact us so we may determine the best way to process the corrections to your order. Please contact us before returning any calendars. Any problems with your order must be reported within 21 days of your receiving your calendars.

Toll free: (877) 748-0645

Payment Options

Pay by VISA, MasterCard, or Discover direct on our secure server. We must have your correct credit card information, including the correct billing address for the card.

Pay by Check or Money Order payable to:

When mailing your payment, send a personal check or money order in U.S. dollars for the amount of your order. We accept money orders and checks drawn on U.S. banks only. Orders will not be shipped until your check has cleared your bank (about 2 days).

Returned check fee is $25.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is collected only on orders shipped within the state of Virginia. Virginia requires that we charge a 6% sales tax on the full amount of the order.

Shipping & Handling Information

Charges are based on shipping to one address. Each additional address will be charged additional shipping fees. Due to USPS Priority Mail shipping zones, the shipping charges will depend on your zone in relation to our location at zip code 22207.

Express Mail Service: We can ship via express mail if requested. The cost will be calculated when you enter your order.

Overseas orders: Please
contact us for a shipping price quote.

Accuracy of Address: Please make sure your address information is accurate and complete. If the address is incomplete it may delay receipt of the package and you will be charged a fee to correct the address (even if only the apartment or suite number is missing).


Photo-Calendars.com reserves the right to change prices without prior notification. Orders received before a price change will be filled at the price as of order date if photos and information are received in our facility within 3 week after order date.

If we receive your photos/events more than 3 weeks after the order date, new pricing may apply.

Information Security and Your Privacy

Our website is on a secure server. We make every effort to keep your information secure.

Your privacy is protected!
We never share your information with others. Your identity is kept strictly confidential.

Our mailing list is private. We will not sell your name, address, email address, phone number or any information to any third party for any purposes.